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About Us

Since 105th academic year, the school has combined Graduate Institute of Hospitality Management and Graduate Institute of Hospitality Educationinto a institute called Graduate Institute of Hospitality. It converges two institutes of professional teachers, teaching resources, and development characteristic that it will help cultivating more outstanding or talented people for hospitality management and education field.

Hospitality Management Module】

The Hospitality Management module features faculty with both research and practical experiences in hospitality management. It aims to cultivate students to become management and innovative professionals in the hospitality industry and academy.

Hospitality Education Module】

The Hospitality Education Module has two major academic focal points. First, the development of the hospitality education and human resource in the hospitality industry which can be orchestrated through theoretical study and industry-academia cooperation mechanisms. Second, the cultivation and upgrade of hospitality education teachers in vocational schools which integrates practical research with teacher professional development.